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TRILLFIT & MONALEO are offering free monthly therapeutic coaching sessions at TRILLFIT. Enroll In a Self-Care pass for Instant access.  Reserve now.

Self-Care is *more* important than ever.

Every year, worldwide, about 42 million women with unintended pregnancies choose abortion, and nearly half of these procedures, 20 million, are unsafe. The American Psychological Association reaffirmed its opinion that restricting abortion was “likely to lead to mental health harms,” a growing concern as some states rushed to pass laws that would prohibit abortion. 

TRILLFIT has partnered with Monaleo  to support free mental health initiatives for the BIPOC community living in states in which Abortion is now illegal. By supporting mental health together, we can ensure that BIPOC lives are supported, encouraged, and bloom. Every single month TRILLFIT will host FREE monthly group therapy with Dr. Terri.* In addition, we've created a Self-Care pass that we feel is the best support during this time. The first month is on us thanks to our incredible sponsors. After that, the price raises to $99.

Claim your free TRILLFIT Self-Care pass here. Pass  Reserve now.

TRILLFIT's Self-Care Pass includes:
  • Complimentary Group Monthly Coaching Therapy Sessions with TRILLFIT in-house therapist, Dr. Terri
  • Unlimited In-Studio TRILLFIT Classes 
  • Unlimited Digital TRILLFIT Classes
  • Seld-Care Pass costs $99 monthly, after the first free month

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*You must become a TRILLFIT member to access MindBody where the therapeutic coaching is held.

**Self-care pass is $0 first month, then, $99.

Learn more about TRILLFIT's partnership with Monaleo


Prioritize your mental.

Dr. Terri Tanisha Mathias, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, holistic healer, author, and life coach

Trapin' from the streets of Atlanta, Dr. Terri Tanisha Mathias, affectionately known to others as The Trap Unicorn, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, holistic healer, author, and life coach. With a strong emphasis in using music, sound, and other holistic practices, Dr. Terri's work is centered around vulnerability and helping Black women and mothers of Black children break generational curses to cultivate healthy relationships, and create generational wealth.